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Doozy gets some more attention!

I was recently interviewed for, a website for parents with activities and events for children in different areas of the city.

I Spy Parent Interview: Fashion Designer Eugenia Leavitt


Children’s aprons by Doozy. Photos by Jaime Leblanc.

So, how does your career fit since having kids? That pre-baby schedule typically feels tight and tough to coordinate. Tailoring and alterations are often needed, so it’s interesting to talk to local fashion designerEugenia Leavitt about her own career adjustments since becoming a mom.

Recently, Eugenia started working on a new line of children’s products – including aprons and leg warmers – called Doozy. The Montreal designer is known for her line of cocktail wear, and her custom wedding dresses. Several months after having her first baby, she was one of the contestants in the reality show La Collection – Quebec’s answer to Project Runway – which aired last September.

I Spy: Hi Eugenia, please introduce yourself.

Eugenia: I’m from Montreal and now live and have my studio in the Mile End. My husband and I have a 19-month-old boy and are expecting our second child this summer! I studied fine arts and fashion design and am now working as a fashion designer. I have a label called “eugenia” which focuses on organic cocktailwear for women. I also do custom work (bridal, formal wear) and even alterations! Recently, my husband and I started a new line of children’s products called Doozy. He is a graphic designer and does all the marketing and I take care of the product side (designing, patternmaking etc.)

I Spy: If your blog is any indication, it seems like you’ve continued working since becoming a mom, without much of a maternity leave. How do you juggle your career as a fashion designer with having a young child?

Eugenia: The balance between work and family has been a major juggling act. When my son was very young I was lucky to have my sister and mum help me so much while I worked part-time. When he was around one, he started at day care, which luckily he seems to enjoy! We usually pick him up by 4 p.m. so it’s not a terribly long day for him and we get to hang out with him before he goes to bed and then we have the precious weekends together. I’ve had to cut back on some projects, but I’m learning to accept that I can’t have it all at once. For the next baby, I’m happy to be able to take maternity leave. I’m sure I’ll have my hands in a few projects, but when I’m ready!

I Spy: When did you decide to start Doozy and where are your children’s products being sold?

Eugenia: It was in 2010 that I was approached by my friend Lindsay Davis who, with her partner, Jackson, have opened an “urban general store” called Fait Ici (2519 Notre-Dame St. W.). She has a large array of eco-friendly products, including a section of children’s items. She wanted some aprons and leg warmers for kids that were made locally in an eco-friendly way and I thought, “why not?” It’s a very fun project for me. My husband and I decided to name the line Doozy (one of our son’s nicknames). We either use organic fabrics or recycled fabrics. Right now, we sell at Fait Ici and have started anonline shop. We are hoping to expand and gradually have our products at more stores across the country.

I Spy: What’s more fun: working on kids’ aprons or custom wedding dresses?

Eugenia: Hard to answer that one! Both projects are so different. The aprons are fun and quick and I love making things with little kids in mind. On the other hand, wedding dresses are one of a kind, made with luxurious fabric and usually you can take the time to really focus on details (embellishments and hand work which I love doing). It’s great to have variety in the work I do.

I Spy: Can you share any child-friendly activities or destinations in your area?

Eugenia: In the summer we hit the parks (there’s a fun water park on St. Urbain St. by Van Horne) but in the winter it’s still nice to get out of the house and do an activity. I’ve really enjoyed La Tasse Gamine on Parc Ave. It’s fun to go with friends and their kids. The adults can have a coffee and chat and the kids can run around and play with all the toys there. The food is great and there’s a very friendly atmosphere.

Great to meet you, Eugenia!

Doozy is at Fait Ici, 2519 Notre Dame St. W.

Doozy is now available on Etsy!

So we’ve finally gotten our act together and put some Doozy products up on a new Etsy site.

We will be adding more items gradually.

Also, here are some cute photos from our photoshoot! Jaime Leblanc took great shots of models Theo and Sophie!

Sweet Mama loves Doozy!

So exciting! Our new brand doozy has just got it’s first press. Take a look at the article on sweetmama (a section of the website

Kitchen Helpers

doozy apronsMontreal (Nov.19.10)

We can always use an extra hand around the kitchen come suppertime. But while we let our kids help us mix everything from tomato sauce to meatballs, we worry about the mess. (No extra laundry, thanks.)

So we’ve been covering our little helpers in some of the cutest aprons we’ve ever seen from Doozy. A creation of local clothing designer Eugenia Leavitt, these aprons ($36) are the first of a collection of kids’ wear, which will soon include leg warmers.

And though we’d almost hate for them to get dirty, we know our little girl will eat every last piece of broccoli before taking off her new kitchen accessory.

Now if only folding laundry was this appealing…

Doozy Aprons

Available at:

Fait Ici
2519 Notre Dame St. W. (near Charlevoix)

Read more:

30 years and counting

I just turned 30, eep! I am really a grown-up now, or am I?

Things are good these days I feel like I have done a lot and am excited for what’s to come. I envision more mature, explorative collections and my new business with my husband flourishing (Doozy, a line of eco-friendly children’s wear). Lately it’s been a big balancing act between work and family and I have come to realize that I can have it all just not at the same time.

Fall 2010 available at Unicorn Boutique

The lovely ladies at Unicorn Boutique have some styles from my fall collection at their shop. Take a look at their blog for more info:


And I get the boot, oh well…

Journal de Quebec Article:

Ayant mal compris le mandat qu’elle devait exécuter, Eugénia a dû quitter La collection, mercredi, sur les ondes de TVA.

« Quand j’ai su que j’étais remerciée, j’étais un peu en état de choc », raconte la candidate originaire de Montréal. « J’ai mal interprété le mandat », ajoute celle qui devait confectionner un vêtement transformable. « J’ai terminé le mandat avec deux morceaux et les juges ont plutôt vu le résultat final comme des accessoires qui se transformaient. »

Séjour profitable

Quoi qu’il en soit, Eugénia est contente de l’expérience qu’elle a vécue lors de son séjour au royaume des designers. « C’était vraiment inspirant que de côtoyer des designers. On pouvait voir le style de chacun, partager nos expériences. »

Pour Eugénia, les candidats de la présente Collection ont plusieurs points en commun. « Une partie d’entre nous sommes au début de notre carrière; on veut tous avoir du succès », signale-t-elle. « Même si nous avions tous des personnalités différentes, on pouvait partager nos connaissances. »

Loin de son fils

La seule ombre au tableau de l’aventure pour la candidate : avoir été éloignée de son fils Théo pendant quelques semaines. « Avant le show, j’étais vraiment une maman à la maison. Je venais d’avoir mon fils et j’étais comme dans une bulle. Si je faisais l’émission, aujourd’hui, je serais plus forte. » Théo a maintenant 16 mois.

Eugénia reviendra plus tard à La collection car, comme tous les candidats, exclus ou non, elle doit exécuter la mandat ultime : confectionner une robe de mariée à la main.

Pour les fans de la jeune designer, mentionnons qu’elle a sa collection de vêtements pour femmes (robes, jupes…). Infos au


La Collection


So, I’ve made my tv debut! I’m one of ten fashion designers on the show La Collection (for those who haven’t heard of it, it’s very similar to Project Runway).

The episodes were filmed back in February so to see it on TV now is strange! Like a weird dream I had but since I wasn’t supposed to talk about it, it was like in a way it didn’t happen until now. So far 3 episodes have aired and surprise, surprise they show the only times I broke down. I expected this , but I swear I wasn’t crying all the time! It was a very stressful and intense experience but I have no regrets about participating.

It was fun meeting 9 other designers who are all trying to make it in this business and to share our experiences and knowledge. It was also very interesting to see how a tv show is filmed. Let me tell you, it’s a longgggg process that I was only a part of. To shoot a one hour episode it took about 3-4 full days of work. The most nerve-wracking time was the day of the fashion show and judging. It was so dragged out that by the end of the day I was always a mess and questioning everything I did.

Living in seclusion in your own city was crazy. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Montreal but couldn’t be in contact with anyone (friends, family). I did write some letters home, but in them we couldn’t divulge any information.

I found that I went from a new-mom bubble where I was totally focused on my baby and not working too much and was launched into a whole other world and life. Quite shocking!

Returning home eventually was a beautiful thing. Back to real reality!

My hopes are that it brings my brand some more visibility and more customers! On a personal note, I definitely had to put myself out there which is not really my style. Not only be in front of cameras all the time, but in french too which was an added challenge for me and my more quiet personality. So, I think it was good for me to face those challenges.

I have to thank my husband for taking over at home and my sister and mum for helping make this possible.

Checkout the TVA website:

La Collection

First comes love, then comes a baby carriage, then comes marriage

Thought I’d post a photo from our wedding. On May 22nd we tied the knot in Montreal at my dad’s church, St.George’s. What a wonderful time we had. It was really amazing to be surrounded by close friends and

Photos from our studio sale… Thank you to those who stopped by, and for those who didn’t we will keep you posted for our next one. Please note the awesome sign made by Lisa’s son Kai!

Studio Sale

To all you Montrealers,

My studiomate (Lisa of and I will be hanging out in our studio and selling our designs at bargain prices this Saturday September 11th from 12-5pm. Come one come all.

5643 Clark st. #112

studio sale